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EDMONTON, AB… Nov 8, 2016… On December 3rd, photographers worldwide will unite using their time, skills, and equipment to give back to their community through Help-Portrait. This is a movement of both professional and amateur photographers from all backgrounds hoping to make a difference this holiday season.

The goal of Help-Portrait is simple: 1. Find someone in need 2. Take their portrait 3. Print their portrait and 4. Deliver their portrait. In the last seven years, more than 200 photographers and other 400 volunteers have helped deliver over 2600 portraits. This year, the Boyle Street Community League will be the location set up in the city with make up artists, hair stylists and photographers, to provide the full experience of a professional photo shoot.

“The importance and power of this event become evident when these people thank you, crying, as they receive their photos.” said Javier Salazar, Help Portrait Edmonton main organizer. “These people may not ever have the opportunity to experience this, and providing it as a Christmas present gives them a special hope and happiness”.

Help-Portrait was formed by celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart as he contemplated using his skills and expertise to give back to those who may not have the opportunity for a professional photo. The idea is that a photographer has the unique ability to help someone smile, laugh and return their dignity- it is a movement, a shift in photography. “December 3rd is about helping people who never imagined having their portrait made,” shares Cowart on his idea. “Kids who don’t have their own families, those in need at children’s hospitals here and abroad, single moms, the elderly, the homeless or even your own neighbor. This is about giving pictures, not taking them. It’s about building relationships in your own community and giving hope.”

For more information, please visit www.help-portrait-edmonton.com or contact Javier at javier@javier-salazar.com or 780.905.5287

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